This summer, AVISTA OIL DK is launching a new highlight:

It does look smart”, he says. “Overall, it’s a fine-looking tank truck, and it is also always nice to get new equipment. The driving comfort is much better than in the old truck. All in all, driving the new truck is a great experience”. The Scania P320 is being driven around the Südjütland (South Jylland / North Schleswig) region. After appropriate adaptation work, the tank from the old truck could be used as the superstructure, so that Behrendsen is still able to collect used oil with a total volume of 12 tonnes using a three-chamber vehicle.

“The employees have all provided positive feedback with regard to the new design”, says Leon Skovbo, Managing Director of AVISTA OIL DK. “We found many affirmative comments on our closed employee facebook page regarding the switch from the subtle white paintwork to the blue paintwork, and the new, conspicuous AVISTA design of the tank”.

AVISTA OIL DK is to put another new collection tank vehicle on the road this year. The vehicle, which is to be exchanged in autumn, will be used in the Copenhagen region.