Tank wagon retrofits extend fields of application

In our company logistics, all activities related to all modes of transport are bundled and organised. 

At the moment, 75 rented tank wagons (2-axle, 4-axle and jumbos) are currently in operation. The tank wagons differ from each other to a minor extent, meaning that some tank wagons transport only specifically for AVISTA customers, and others can only be used for Karo As. 

To be able to react quickly and flexibly in future, depending on the requirements, a total of 12 tank wagons are to be converted which were already conducting transportation for AVISTA customers, and which would then be operable for both AVISTA and for Karo As transports

The “highlights” of the retrofit are the quick-closing dry clutches which make the whole tank wagon compatible for the Karo As collection vehicles. The forced ventilation automatically controls the necessary air circulation and the atmospheric pressure. Another attachment acts as an access ladder safety cage in order to guarantee the necessary levels of safety for our drivers on-site. 

These 12-axle tank wagons, weighing on average 21,000 kg, have an average load capacity of 75 m3, and can be loaded with products to a total of 59 tonnes.

The purpose of the conversion is to create a wagon type which can be used in all Karo As and AVISTA-related activities.