Edition 02 2017

Renaming Recup OiL and Rekla a clear commitment to the radiance of the AVISTA brand

The collection companies Recup Oil Belgium and REKLA Czech Republic are to be named under the umbrella brand AVISTA OIL as of 1st October.

With the re-naming of the Belgian and the Czech collective company Recup Oil and REKLA in AVISTA OIL national subsidiaries, the Group is setting a further milestone for its strategic orientation. The unified name of the European collection company for used oils and other liquid waste is intended to facilitate the collaboration within the AVISTA OIL corporation.  

The new name does not mean any changes to the structure of the companies or the customer communications. The character of the independent company as well as the usual service and the contact remain upheld. Only the names are changed.

“In this second stage of re-naming, we as the largest used oil collectors within Europe are staying abreast of the company development which has taken place over the past years. At the same time, the re-naming is a clear signal of international connectedness which we shall continue to focus on in future”, explains Marc Verfürth, CEO of the AVISTA OIL AG.

With the bundling under the umbrella brand, the Corporate Design of the integrated collection companies will also continuously receive a fresh appearance. The familiar AVISTA OIL Logo will gradually begin to appear on all collection vehicles. The first Belgian collection vehicle already bears the new flag. “The transition phase from the existing red design in Belgium and the green one in the Czech Republic onto the blue design of AVISTA OIL with the dynamic oil flow will take some time yet, as all the fleets in all companies will have to be adapted”, says Marc Thomalla, Head of Communications and Marketing.