REKLA profits by route optimization

A route plan software with the name Thasa was installed at REKLA. Thasa is a product of a small Czech company. The advantage is the high flexibility to customize their service to clients’ need. Also another software was installed with the name CRMR (Customer Relationship Management).

All customer contracts were recorded and maintained in the program CRMR by the representatives and call center agents. Via an interface the contracts were transferred into Thasa. Thasa has to be feed with additional Input data. Every vehicle has to be registered with his specific data’s (e. g. type, tare weight, capacity, consumption etc.).

New customer orders will be recorded in CRMR and via an interface into Thasa.  Planning will be made for the next 48 hours, e.g. the tour for Thursday will be made on Tuesday and the one for Friday on Wednesday etc. Before planning the dispatcher knows which trucks are available.

Thasa plans the tours from the point of view of “saving costs” and uses “open street maps” which are free of charge. Thasa distributes the orders to the available vehicles with a utilization of 80 % per vehicle and suggests a route which can be changed anytime by hand by the authorized dispatcher.

A file per driver is provided with GPS co-ordinates of the customer, address, type of waste, etc. The driver must only enter the co-ordinates and will be lead directly to the customer. The customer is always informed by SMS about the status of his order.

1st order is received, 2nd order is in planning, 3rd date of disposal. The customer received further information via SMS, if the order can´t be made on the planned date.  

Rekla registered a 14 % saving rate during the trial period. Other advantages are to keep an eye on the orders, employees time management, a positive feedback from the customer concerning the status of their orders. The software is rented by Rekla.

All employees who are working with the new software are satisfied. (bd)