Employee - 2018

Przemyslaw Nikiel is the new Head

Przemyslaw Nikiel is the new Head of Export at AVISTA OIL

Since 01.07.2017, Przemyslaw Nikiel has supported AVISTA OIL as the Head of Export. Prior to this, the 36-year old was active at Deutsche Ölwerke Lubmin GmbH as the Head of the entire trade department.

The expectations which Mr Nikiel brought with him into AVISTA OIL have, he says, all been fulfilled. He offers his know-how to his colleagues, and learns new particularities regarding the used oil business on a daily basis.

His main objective for 2018 is to develop AVISTA OIL more dynamically within the Export Division for lubricants. Important to him are also the other employees, whom he would like to support more intensively within the scope of his possibilities and competences.  

“During my previous work in the branch, I learned that the most valuable part of a company is the people of which this company consists, and through whose commitment, concepts and ideas the company grows. A highly motivated, committed and creative employee is therefore the basis for commercial success. I am looking forward to working amongst the people and for the people who share the same philosophy”, says Przemyslaw Nikiel.