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On the safe side with Karo As as disposer

On the safe side with Karo As as disposer

In 2017, the Christmas tombola took place on 18th December 2017. As was the case the previous year, the staff had the opportunity to participate in the tombola and, for a small donation, had a chance of winning the prizes which had been provided. The reason for the tombola is that employees should also have the opportunity to obtain promotional gifts, as frequently only employees with direct customer contact receive Christmas gifts.

Karo As supports its clients in the legally compliant disposal of their waste.   

What this means for the clients is that the disposal is performed by qualified disposal drivers in keeping with the statutory requirements and that the "waste" is compliantly recycled or disposed of.   

Eighty disposal drivers were gathered at seven locations across Germany this year once more for one-day driver trainings concerning the changes and innovations in the hazardous goods ordinance GGVS EB/ ADR / RID.

Amongst other aspects, the training contents also included the Road Traffic Act, safety- and task-related instructions as per ADR, ADR / RID changes and innovations in 2017, instructions as per section 14 of the Hazardous Goods Ordinance, the avoidance of accident risks and compliance with statutory accident prevention requirements, the occupational safety and health regulations, and the Ordinance on Installations for the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water.

Every single tanker was also inspected in this context. This also included a review of the vehicle-related and accompanying documents for completeness and validity.