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Oil meets art - AVISTA OIL supports Wolfsburg art museum

Oil meets art - AVISTA OIL supports Wolfsburg art museum

AVISTA OIL provided lubricant for a work by Indian artist Vibha Galhotra in the "Facing India" exhibition at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg 

The management of AVISTA OIL didn't hesitate when it received the request. 

"Museums not only mirror the times with their respective exhibitions but can also make an ecological statement. We particularly like to support such projects", says Marc Verfürth, CEO of AVISTA OIL AG. "With her work Combustion, the artist highlights something we are also always drawing attention to: the consumption of the finite resource oil. We are an ideal partner for Vibha Galhotra and the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg with our circular water treatment anyway", Marc Verfürth continues. 

This is what it says about the artist on the website of Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg at www.kunstmuseum–

The works of Vibha Galhotra (*1978) revolve around the question of what it means to work as a fine artist in the Anthropocene. Is it possible to negotiate social, ecological and political subjects such as climate change in one's artistic practice without the aestheticism of the works drawing the entire attention to the artist and normalizing disastrous problems? The object of investigation are the five elements water, earth, air, fire and ether. With deceptively romanticizing imagery, Galhotra thematizes the contaminated water of the holy Yamuna River or the off-the-scale particulate pollution in Delhi. The breathing mask becomes an everyday garment, alarming climate graphs are transformed into a wave of small bells that harks back to Arte Povera, and the cleaning of plants becomes a Zen meditation. With her works, Vibha Galhotra responds to the human madness in this "age of reason". Her aestheticization of ecological catastrophe is a mediation strategy and ironic refraction at once.

About the work: 

Vibha Galhotra: Combustion, 2016

The work is based on the ancient principle of a water clock, but filled with oil from AVISTA OIL. This stands as a metaphor for the excessive consumption of fossil fuels in the Anthropocene and looming end of the resources it requires. The small floating bowl with a fine hole measures time.  Vibha Galhotra had originally conceived Combustion as a 24-hour clock, but as its volatile components evaporate over time, the oil thickens, and the intervals of the 24-hour principle are exceeded. This exceedance forms an analogy to mankind's overstepping of time limits for the long overdue reduction of resource consumption.

The exhibitions runs until 07 October 2018.