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New image film with Flowmotion technology

New image film with Flowmotion technology has been completed

Good things come to he who waits… after a planning and implementation phase lasting four months in total, and featuring many hours of filming at all hours of the night and day, we are particularly proud of this: our brand new AVISTA OIL image film, which we would now like to present to our dealers, partners and all interested parties.  

Today, the latest video techniques coupled with drone recordings permit unbelievably good company presentations. This is reason enough for us to apply precisely this technology.   

We are now able to offer a film without voiceover, which is therefore ideal for trade fairs, but which does have dynamic text elements and specially selected music. This is ideal for staging our company in the area of moving images. Matthias Kuchel, the responsible Editor at byKuchel, adds: “I could already see that AVISTA OIL thinks in a highly modern manner during the preliminary talks. I am all the more delighted that I could also enthuse AVISTA OIL for my idea of a completely new image video, so that we have actually now been able to implement the project. In this case, the good interaction with AVISTA OIL was of primary importance, as the film planned was to be highly different in its entire approach from the usual image video productions. For me, this was an exciting challenge, and at the same time great fun”.   

You can find the image film here on YouTube:

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