What AVISTA industrial lubricants can do: reliability, quality, and most of all sustainability, good for the production, good for the environment!

There is not much happening in production without oil. It is often paid relatively little attention for all that. And yet the lubricants perform many more tasks than one would recognize at first glance: The lubricating film between the tool and item to be machined, for example, should never break, generate a high surface quality, and also have a long life to avoid machine stoppages. And that is not all: In addition, the lubricant must neither harm the person at the machine, nor the environment. This is where AVISTA OIL comes in to meet precisely these requirements, and continue improving the characteristics of the industrial lubricants employed ever further.

Audited sustainable origin from substance cycle waste management


AVISTA OIL is the first and only company so far to offer its customers DEKRA-audited sustainable industrial lubricants made from its own base oil that, besides the lower CO2 output compared to other lubricant providers, also guarantee further positive climate-relevant aspects over and beyond the standard. 

The range of AVIeCO²-qualified industrial lubricants covers the entire product spectrum: Be it hydraulic, industrial transmission, slideway and track, compressor, cutting, corrosion, forming or cooling lubricants, the portfolio includes CO2-reduced products for all applications.

Besides the CO2-savings ensured by using its products, benefiting its customers in their own CO2-assessment, AVISTA OIL even provides further competitive advantages with your offer. By their use, the company guarantees a lower level of environmental pollution than the alternative production in terms of acidification, eutrophication and particulate matter. The independent IFEU institute in Heidelberg confirms this in a study!


Quality and compatibility - more would be impossible


AVISTA OIL has also subjected its products to external laboratory tests, with the result that the relevant requirements for lubricants in the industry are often overfulfilled.

Especially the high viscosity index of the KERNSOLVAT® base oil used, also made by AVISTA OIL, will ensure viscosity stabilities in the final industrial application, even with fluctuating temperatures. A significantly lower evaporation loss in comparison to the primary refinement ensures a lower oil consumption in the machining process.

But using these products is even more rewarding for the staff working directly with the industrial lubricants in plants. AVIeCO2-qualified industrial lubricants based on KERNSOLVAT® have a much lower content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (or PAHs for short), which serves to protect the staff's health.


CO2 savings certificates - a unique offer

As the only company in the industry, AVISTA OIL already introduced the first CO2 savings certificates for industrial lubricants from its own sustainable product portfolio as early as 2011. The demand for these certificates is growing more strongly today than ever, as the market requirement to act sustainably in the sub-supply chain already and use CO2-reduced products has already become an integral part of many companies' supplier selection.

The new normality: DIY video tutorials for local tests

But there is even more to the offer than this: From now on, explanatory videos on the tests required in the application technology for water-miscible cooling lubricants will be published in the social media of AVISTA OIL.

A step into the new normal.