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MOTOR GOLD partner KarGo main sponsor of TIME OF DRAG 2018

Russian MOTOR GOLD partner KarGo was also the main sponsor of this year’s TIME OF DRAG 2018 in Ulyanovsk

MOTOR GOLD partner KarGo supports the biggest open drag racing championship in the Ulyanovsk region for the ninth time


The TIME OF DRAG, one of the largest motorsport events in the Ulyanovsk region, took place on June 16, 2018. The main sponsor of the event was KarGo, the Russian lubricant partner of AVISTA OIL. KarGo continues to work in partnership with MOTOR GOLD, one of the German lubricant brands from AVISTA OIL Germany, and remains a reliable "engine of drag racing" at one of the biggest motorsport events in the city of Ulyanovsk.

About 130 vehicles took part in the event. According to the organizers, it was a duel between the strongest drivers in the Volga region. The most powerful engine, built into a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, boasted approximately 700 hp (402 m - 11.6 sec) and was the third-fastest. "I'm a big fan of drag racing. It always inspires me to hear such powerful and loud engines. Also, the extreme amounts of acceleration at the start is one of my favourite things," says Igor Mitrofanov, owner of KarGo. "It also makes me very happy when the vehicle with the most powerful engine uses MOTOR GOLD lubricants," he added.

Altogether, there were 18 winners. The strongest drivers from the Volga region displayed their skills and their vehicles to the general public. Among the fastest cars was a 600 hp Zaporozhe (402 m - 10.8 sec), followed by a 550 hp Toyota Mark II (402 m - 11.1 sec) as well as the winning Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.

The drivers and about 30,000 fans situated on the Vzletka (English: starting area) turned up the heat, both on and off the track. The bursting emotions, buckets of adrenaline and the indescribable atmosphere were not just due to the enormous reverberating sounds of the engines. In addition to a stage show, the entertainment also included stilt walkers, a fire show and a Holi colour show. The entertainment area was not only loud, but also extremely colourful.