Dear employees, dear friends of AVISTA OIL,

Dear employees, dear friends of AVISTA OIL,

Corona is not stopping us!


For us, speed and flexibility are the next words after corona. The situation allows us only to act on what we can see. Recent weeks have shown us that plans may be suddenly no longer feasible. The entire global economy almost came to a standstill. Valuable commodities suddenly no longer included usual assets but rather hygiene products, toilet paper or food. Flour was proverbially the new gold.

“Smart & simple” – the law of the hour. Everything suddenly happened very quickly, including at AVISTA OIL. Digitalisation was no longer being discussed – no: digital solutions were implemented at short notice for the staff. Mobile working, telephone and video conferences and live chat have now become routine for the confident team. The world of tomorrow is already in the present for AVISTA OIL.

The virus has shown us that, with pragmatism and foresighted action, a company like AVISTA OIL can work efficiently even in a sudden crisis and learns a lot from this. It has been and is with simple technical solutions that even complex tasks and challenges can be overcome. Always in focus: the health of our staff as well as fulfilment of our own requirements and those of our business partners.

The business model of AVISTA OIL has been slowed down by the global shutdown. The entire sector is battling the consequences of the global shutdown. At such times, it is essential to operate in partnership. Right at the start of the crisis, for example, the disposal of used oil was therefore guaranteed for the business partners of AVISTA OIL.

During this period of uncertainty, it is all the more crucial to continue the development of a holistically sustainable orientation. Investments are being reviewed critically but some of them can continue on account of a solid capital base. To protect liquidity, spending is taking place according to priority. Future projects that have begun, such as the upcoming merger of Karo As Umweltschutz with AVISTA OIL Deutschland at the start of next year, will also not come to a halt.

Nonetheless, even AVISTA OIL has not escaped short-time working. Thanks to its team, it is demonstrating strength in the crisis – thanks in particular to fast and open communication with a focus on flexibility and performance.

The statement in the code of conduct is confirmed here once again:

We stick together in a crisis and quickly find solutions together.


Many thanks!

…To all members of staff, all over the world, for your flexibility.
…To all partners, who will continue to support us in the future.
…To the shareholders, who have confidence in us even during the crisis.