From A for AVISTA to W for Worlée: Northern German chemistry shows what it can do at the IdeenExpo Jugendmesse (Youth Trade Fair)

“Chemistry bonds”: based on this slogan, the Verband der Chemischen Industrie Landesverband Nord (Chemical Industry Association, State Association North - VCI Nord), the Arbeitgeberverband (Employer Association) ChemieNord and the Industriegewerkschaft Bergbau, Chemie, Energie (Industrial Union for Mining, Chemistry and Energy) presented themselves along with eleven other northern German chemicals companies from 10th to 18th June at the IdeenExpo.

This year, too, the stand was just as exciting and diverse as the branch itself – and we from the association were once again highly impressed at how much the trainees motivated our member companies in order to conduct experiments with young trade fair visitors and to inform them about their company and their training path.  

One of these eleven companies was AVISTA, who brought the concept of a recycling economy over to their visitors using a flipper pump game. An outstanding idea. In addition, AVISTA, together with BASF Polyurethanes from Lemförde and Aurubis from Hamburg, had accepted a completely new offer from us: the production of 360° training videos. Aurubis used this method to introduce process mechanics, BASF Polyurethanes chemical laboratory technicians and AVISTA chemical technicians. Together with his two colleagues, the trainee chemical technician Tim Noske explained to the trade fair visitors his tasks on the ESR system and the switchboard, and showed them the mixing system. Thanks to VR glasses and a 360° perspective, the trade fair visitors always had the feeling of being directly in the filming location. 

And that is exactly how it should be. The aim of the video was to present the three companies, their systems and the tasks of the trainees as realistically as possible, for visitors to the IdeenExpo. For this to be successful, of course, a lot of preparation was required. Scripts were written, locations found for filming work, and finally the films could be recorded. The challenge: in 360° videos, it isn’t possible to just edit out slips of the tongue, as is the case for example in TV interviews. This meant that the actors had to be fully concentrated during the recordings. “I would never have thought that it was necessary to stand approximately 50 minutes in front of the camera for only 30 seconds of speaking time”, reported Tim Noske to me after our day of shooting in March.

But one thing is certain: the effort was worthwhile. You are welcome to see for yourself. You can download our “Chemie in 360°” App in the Play and App store.

About ChemieNord

ChemieNord is the employer association for the chemical industry in Northern Germany. The association represents 300 member companies with just under 65,000 employees. Core tasks for the association are the closure of collective wage agreements and the provision of occupational law consultation for the member companies.

About me (30 years old)

I started out in the Hamburg agency scene, and am now at home in the world of associations. From my base in Hamburg, my colleague Alexander Warstat and I are responsible for the communications work for the North German chemical associations ChemieNord and VCI Nord.