AVISTA OIL is taking on one of the most-demanded customer requirements at its German location.


The German market leader Karo As Umweltschutz GmbH and refinery affiliate AVISTA OIL Deutschland GmbH are merging into a powerful single entity. This means that the upcycling and disposal of used oil in Germany will in future not only be provided under a single company designation in hierarchical terms, but also by name.

More simplicity, transparency, and sustainability

The customers of the companies at the German location have been demanding this for many years already. Now the parent company AVISTA OIL AG will rise up to this challenge of merging Karo As Umweltschutz GmbH and AVISTA OIL Deutschland GmbH into a single powerful entity. 

From 01 January 2021, the nationwide collection of used oil will follow the already rechristened collection companies in Belgium, the Czech Republic and Denmark and also carry the name of AVISTA OIL in its company name.

“We are aware that the name ‚Karo As‘ is closely connected with the collection of used oil in Germany and its history“, says Isabella Horvath, sales director of Karo As. ‚But the name needs to be changed to represent the group affiliation with AVISTA OIL to the outside,  and thus outline our capabilities as Karo As. In future, the new AVISTA OIL Deutschland will be offering the full range of used oil treatment, simplifying the group for all its partners, while rendering it more transparent“, she continues.

“The effort and benefit of renaming a company with such a long history always need to be considered in combination. Which is why we partly also viewed this decision sceptically at first, with all due respect, naturally. But after a comprehensive analysis, we are able to say that we will boost the efficiency and simplify workflows. Our customers and partners can count on one thing: We will also be offering the best disposal quality and dependability in the future, while continuously striving to improve the efficiency. The regional collection structure across Germany will remain unchanged, naturally, and the individual contact persons and drivers will also continue to be our face for our customers“, she adds.

This is essentially a logical step. Both are already using the logo with the three squares, anyway. Same as the address in Bahnhofstrasse. In legal terms, both companies are 100 % subsidiaries of AVISTA OIL AG.

And once the quality and reliability of the services have been boosted further now by efficiency gains, this merger operation will become even more understandable. And it most of all goes to show one thing: a good disposal of used oil depends on good upcycling – and vice versa!

The German location will become more recognizable as a result, and also strengthen its appeal as the most sustainable company in the used oil sector internationally.

Complexity was yesterday

Both affiliates are already closely interwoven today as the used oil collected by the eighty tanker trucks of Karo As are upcycled into new, CO2-reduced base oils by the group‘s own refinery.

Benedikt Fuhlrott, CFO of AVISTA OIL AG, sees the integration‘s benefit in the simplicity of future processes, benefiting the customers in turn. “We are AVISTA OIL. From 2021, AVISTA OIL Deutschland will be collecting sustainable resources and upcycling them into CO2-reduced base oils. After over 50 years, we will be striking the term ‚affiliate‘ from our vocabulary at the German location now.

Everything under one roof then, or name, respectively. A demonstration of unity and strength, also for the personnel at the German location. Internal workflows will be simplified, and processes optimized, wherever possible, so that everything can be reorganized from 01 January 2021 without complications. Preliminary efforts are already underway with respect to the transport permits for the used oil collection, and the restructuring of the IT landscape. ‚Cross-company‘ teams already make clear today: We belong together!

Partners of the sustainability cycle participate in the CO2 -reduction

Besides simplifying the structures, there is also a powerful competitive advantage that AVISTA OIL will be able to offer its suppliers from 2021, too, in addition to the lubricant customers: to become part of the sustainable oil cycle. This because everyone providing their used oil to AVISTA OIL for upcycling will receive a confirmation of significant resource savings in comparison with primary refinement.

This goes hand in hand with an improvement of further aspects of relevance for the climate. Customers who also buy finished lubricants from AVISTA OIL can benefit from CO2 savings certificates, too. By producing base oil from used oil, AVISTA OIL is able to save 825 kg of CO2  eq in comparison with primary refinement. A unique value worldwide. This certification is confirmed by DEKRA and can be credited to customers individually upon request. To bet on the “right horse“ will therefore also pay off with AVISTA OIL in the future.