Board of Directors

”Dear Employees, dear Friends of AVISTA OIL,

"Sustainability does not mean to generate profits, which then flow into social and environmental projects, but to generate profits already in the environment and socially compatible."

The term ‘sustainable development’ has achieved unlimited popularity. Today, the word sustainability acts as a text module in every speech on the future of our society, or even serves as a slogan. Unfortunately, our in-part trivial handling of sustainability frequently pushes the actual meaning of this important term into the background.

We at AVISTA OIL are aware that sustainable actions are an elementary component of our daily work, as sustainability demands actions instead of words. It does not mean the securing of profits which then flow into environmental and social projects, but rather that these profits should already be generated in an environmentally and socially-compatible manner.

Respect for the coming generations and Nature is deeply rooted in our company. The AVISTA OIL business model is based on securing resources long-term, and thus directly acts in compliance with sustainability. Only those who think sustainably are thinking long-term, and are able to survive in economic and ecological terms. This shows that sustainability is not a closed process, but rather an ongoing one. Sustainability is connected with changes; a strategy, so to speak, which includes challenges, and which can initiate beneficial changes. In connection with this, it is also quite tempting to mention the term ‘collapse’ as the counter-term to sustainability. Sustainability is not a fashion fad, but rather a mega trend. In other words: sustainability is a matter of concern for everyone! Everyone can understand and grasp sustainability. And everyone can live sustainably every day and internalise its values, whether in private or working life.

Your Benedikt Fuhlrott