Dear Employees, Dear Friends of AVISTA OIL,

Dear Employees, Dear Friends of AVISTA OIL,

In 2017, a jury of German linguists selected the word “alternative Fakten” (alternative facts) as the Unwort des Jahres (non-word of the year). The spokeswomen of the jury, Prof. Dr. Nina Janich, explained that this word stands “for the spreading practice of replacing a factual basis for the exchange of arguments with unsubstantiated claims”. “Therefore, the term stands for concealing and misleading methods of expression, and for the attempt to make false claims socially acceptable as a legitimate means of public confrontation. This expression has become a synonym and symbol in Germany for one of the most alarming tendencies in public linguistic usage, especially in social media.”

This conclusion is of special significance for AVISTA OIL, which focuses on sustainability in corporate activity. If sound arguments no longer count for anything, but instead only superficial engagements are conducted on the basis of unsecured claims, then the urgently-required sustainability objectives are placed at risk. 

Furthermore, matters regarding environmental protection are also affected. Recent political statements from the USA lead us to doubt whether sustainable and social developments will be sufficiently pursued in order to safeguard habitats and the quality of life on Earth.

Currently, irreversible changes are being undertaken to our world as a result of turning away from the climate protection protocol and the continuously expanding development of regions for oil production, and these cannot be desirable to future generations. Not just the peaceful future of humanity depends on positive developments in all these fields, but also the future progress of each individual country as guarantors for social sustainability.

Whilst the situation is different in Germany, and we are politically far removed from the abovementioned extremes, nevertheless the messages of a shift away from the climate protection objectives within the scope of exploratory talks has at times given cause for concern. The responsibility for the political path finally taken to continue to pursue cross-generational climate objectives and to orientate ourselves on scientifically-based facts and actual findings regarding the conservation of resources is also to be borne by society. 

This is an important path which respectfully handles the habitats of successive generations. The value chain of AVISTA OIL is also a cross-generational model– made for our world of the future.  

“AVISTA OIL, because our world deserves RESPECT”, is not just a slogan captured in words, but rather expresses our orientation towards targeted sustainability which we have pursued for over 60 years. Besides the reduction of harmful environmental impacts through sustainable handling of the natural resource of used oil, AVISTA OIL also stands for the preservation of base oils in a sustainable cycle with this RESPECT orientation. AVISTA OIL saves CO2 emissions every year in comparison to the primary base oil production. 

This has also been confirmed in an update of the study created in 2005 by ifeu Institut “Ökologische und energetische Bewertung der Aufarbeitung von Altölen zu Grundölen” (Ecological and energy assessment for the processing of old oils to base oils). (Details can be found under The study shows that the base oils of AVISTA OIL are the climate-friendly alternative to base oils made from crude oil. They save resources and represent values for the future.  

In order to continue to provide our future with the necessary RESPECT, AVISTA OIL is investing in capacity and quality. Therefore, AVISTA will further develop its locations in Europe along the entire value chain. For this purpose, the largest financial investment package of the AVISTA OIL Group up until now has been approved between the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board. It not only includes investments in processing, filling and storage capacity with designated sustainable ecological and economic orientations, but also in the continued improvement of the work environment and occupational safety. A sustainable development which corresponds to today’s generation without endangering the possibilities of future generations is also planned.

I look forward to the approaching spring 2018, to the challenges which it brings and also to the opportunities which it offers us. 

Yours sincerely,
Marc Verfürth, CEO