Company -2018

Cooperation with TU CLausthal

Dr. Bernd Althusmann, minister from Lower Saxony for economy, work, traffic and digitization takes over patronage for cooperation between University of Technology of Clausthal and AVISTA OIL

  • Simulation scientists of the University of Technology of Clausthal sign contract with AVISTA OIL
  • Deputy Prime Minister of Lower Saxony sees the digitization of processes as opportunity and central challenge at the same time

Under the patronage of the Minister for Economic Affairs of Lower Saxony and Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Bernd Althusmann the AVISTA OIL AG and the Technical University (TU) agreed upon Clausthal on 6 August a co-operation. TU President Professor Thomas Hanschke and CEO Marc Verfürth signed the appropriate contract, at the company headquarters of the AVISTA OIL in Dollbergen near Hanover.

A faster transmission of research into innovative products and services agreed upon of Lower Saxony government parties in the coalition agreement. «The transfer between science, economy and society is to improve also in the sense of the Third Mission clearly structurally and institutionally», is called it in the agreement. This sets the medium-size entrepreneurial group with its for approximately 700 persons employed together with the Harzer university, represented by the simulation-scientific center Clausthal Goettingen, now over.

«The digitization changes the conditions at the market in a rapid speed. Whole added value chains and the basis of the existing business models must be considered and often also adapted», said Dr. Althusmann during the signing of the agreement. «I see being supporting the universities here for the enterprises in the organization and management of this challenge and the creation of basic conditions, with it our enterprises of Lower Saxony also in the future successfully can», so the Minister of Economics further.
World-wide acting AVISTA OIL, which contributes a closed creation of value cycle of the waste oil collection and the pertinent services, over which refining offers, for the international distribution of high-quality lubricants, with its pollution free AVISTA eCO2 System a significant contribution to the indulgence of the environment, as high-quality basis oils from the raw material waste oil are marketed. The enterprise is on growth course and sees here also an opportunity, in the adjustment and advancement of the logistic processes.

AVISTA OIL is one of the leading used oil re-refining company serving its customers across the entire value chain: from used oil collection services and re-refining to the international marketing and the distribution of high-quality lubricants and associated products.

Over the last few years, the industry pioneer has experienced continuous profitable growth, with its environmentally friendly AVISTA eCO2 system ensuring a significant benefit for the environment by providing high quality re-refined base oils to the markets. The enterprise also sees here a chance in the customization and further development of the logistical processes.

At this point the Clausthaler brings in itself simulation scientists around Professor Thomas Hanschke and Dr. Alexander Herzog: «A goal is it to document the logistic processes systematically and to provide on this basis a model of production, the analyses and conclusions for the optimization of complex logistics made possible.»

With it also adding additives as well as the racking of the produced lubricants in different packaging units are to be regarded. Beside the simulation experts the Clausthaler Institut for economic science with the department for management economics, production and logistics of professor Christoph Schwindt takes part in the research project. «We, as traditionally acting enterprise place us to the challenge, us to new functions to adapt to have, in order to be able to exist on a long-term basis successfully and effectively at the market», so Marc Verfürth, CEO of the AVISTA OIL. «We are pleased, this together with TU Clausthal under the patronage of Minister Dr. Althusmann to convert to be able.»

Beginning of work of co-operation will be in the autumn 2018.