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Best practice for visual communication: AVISTA OIL

One of the most important German blogs published an article about best practice examples in visual communication. AVISTA OIL was introduced as a comprehensive example.

In October 2017, Marc Thomalla, Global Head of Marketing & Communications, introduced AVISTA OIL in detail during a marketing forum. Topics such as digitalisation, design concepts and the development of global structures all appeared on the agenda. The contribution obviously inspired Stephanie Kowalski:

She continues: “AVISTA OIL AG does not shy away from trying newer visual elements such as videos, applications or a virtual reality tour through the refinery”. The whole article can be found here. 
We are delighted about this article and the many retweets which the article has received. We will continue to commit ourselves in 2018 to sustainably increasing awareness of AVISTA OIL and rooting ourselves firmly in the difficult B2B market.