AVISTA OIL US wins tender by Walmart for the used oil collection from all markets in Florida

AVISTA OIL US has expanded further with the acceptance for the collection of used oils from the Walmart chain in Florida, and has been able to develop into market leaders in this state, too, within a time period of only five years.

In 2012, AVISTA OIL US in Florida began to collect used oils. “It was a hard market, and we also experienced difficult moments in 2014. However, we have a superb team of drivers. Many of these have been with us from the first day onwards; this generates a high degree of company loyalty”, says Juan Fritschy, CEO of AVISTA OIL US. And their efforts have paid off. The growth rate has accelerated so much within the past twelve months that a seventh vehicle is now required for Florida. In addition to the locations of Jacksonville, Ocala and Fort Lauderdale, the new location close to Tampa is now in operation.