AVISTA OIL shares first place with Daimler, E.ON, Commerzbank and Siemens

AVISTA OIL shares first place with Daimler, E.ON, Commerzbank and Siemens

Dear colleagues and friends of AVISTA OIL,

As a small boy, I wanted to play street football and climb trees with the older boys, but they laughed at me and sent me back home.

One day I got my chance, though, and they let me play with them. I played with the older boys. What can I say, honestly it didn’t go quite as well as perhaps I had hoped for.

In the here and now, a similar opportunity has been offered to “little” AVISTA OIL: “To compete with the global players for a day.” To be honest with ourselves, we didn’t have to do it, but on this occasion we dared to try and volunteered to put our code of conduct to the test of the professional journal Compliance Manager. To undergo benchmarking against DAX 30 companies is very brave, but our courage paid off.

The news that we share first place (1.0 score) with large corporations such as Daimler, E.ON, Commerzbank and Siemens in the Code of Conduct Assessment of the business magazine “Compliance Manager” caused me to become overly emboldened for a little while, since it demonstrated to me that AVISTA OIL can outside of its core competencies in addition be considered industry-wide as a hidden champion and is perfectly capable of measuring up to major companies. This comparison shows that AVISTA OIL is more advanced in important areas than external observers expect from an enterprise of our size.

Precisely the theme of compliance has for us long not been a matter of conviction - society and economy today equally demand the legal, regulatory and ethical aspects of compliance as a sign of corporate responsibility. This applies to international companies just as much as medium-sized businesses like ours. The parallels render us comparable.

Compliance management is of very great importance to AVISTA OIL and is utilised in all of our national subsidiaries during day-to-day operations. I think here of our exemplary defence against unjustified accusations in the Netherlands, as well as the qualification of other firms to work together with us and view AVISTA OIL as a partner in professional cooperation.

We have additionally due to the 1.0 rating gained an incentive to achieve other comparisons, and to set ambitious new and furthermore large challenges for ourselves in future.

Along with boldness it will also require the engagement and inspiration of each employee for a medium-sized enterprise like AVISTA OIL to enter willingly into competition with the DAX 30 conglomerates. As we have witnessed here, these are the qualities which are rewarded in the end! As to the future, we will continue to strive together in our reporting and evaluation of ourselves and for our own success! Where it is not expected, too. Because we can perform better than outsiders perhaps assume!

Marc Verfürth