AVISTA OIL participates in the tank cleaning system

AVISTA OIL participates in a tank cleaning plant in direct proximity to the German location. The company, which has been named TRD GmbH for Tank Cleaning Dollbergen, consists of a consortium of the forwarding companies ANHALT, Rehm-Flehde-Bargen and TANK LINE, Hildesheim as well as the AVISTA OIL Refining & Trading Deutschland GmbH, all of these companies holding equal rights within the Company.

The company is to be established in the Bahnhofstraße 96, on a former forwarding company property.

Professional cleaning of the tanker vehicles used is essential for a smooth process and in order to ensure quality requirements with regard to product cleanliness. Unfortunately, over the past years the quantity of such cleaning plants has reduced substantially in the area surrounding the AVISTA OIL DE location. The decision to create the company was also based on the deadline independence of the remaining cleaning plants, which is the prerequisite for more efficient transport processing. Due to its proximity to the refinery, the availability of transport capacities can thus be increased, as the travel times to the nearest cleaning plant can in future be significantly reduced.
The interlinking of time windows for loading and unloading with the capacity planning of the cleaning plant should minimise vehicle downtimes.  

In addition to cleaning of the tanks, diverse further possibilities are thus opened up for AVISTA OIL. Through incorporation of the areas on the property, the severity of the traffic and car park situation on the Bahnhofstrasse can be considerably reduced. Here an appropriate concept for control of the vehicle movements and the supply control is being developed.

Furthermore, the situation is to be improved for external driving personnel. For this purpose, appropriate parking spaces as well as sanitary facilities are to be made available. AVISTA OIL is aware of its social responsibilities towards its drivers and feels obligated to fulfil these.