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AVISTA OIL garners multiple awards with new image film

AVISTA OIL garners multiple awards with new image film

With the new image film, AVISTA OIL has now also been able to win over the creatives. The individuality of the film has convinced various national and international jurors. 

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The AVISTA OIL image film proved able to enthuse jury members around the world over and again. Only underlaid with music, the film's combination of hyperlapse and slow motion has been honoured by juries in Germany and abroad in the categories of Corporate Communications, Image Films and even a newly created Green/Eco-Friendly rubric.

With 363 entries from the German-speaking region for the 28th International Industry Film Days, over 1,350 entries for the Muse Award and 785 for the World Media Festival from 37 countries each, no award ceremony proceeded without the name AVISTA OIL.

The film was created at the German location in 2017 and produced by Studio ByKuchel. Company owner Matthias Kuchel was personally on the set for the entire shoot. Together with his Director of Photography, Kim Schiedeck, and his assistant Jan Benens, an outstanding image film was created in five days and nights of shooting. Always in the right light for AVISTA OIL, but at "totally crazy working hours" for the production team at times.

Here's what the producer's website says about the shoot:

++ UPDATE: The clip is now also an award-winning film very officially. More info here. :) +++

Five days and nights of shooting at totally crazy working hours …, far more than 100 hours of post-production and a special sound design – what came out of this is one of my most exciting film projects.

And a clip I'm really proud of. Because I've never done anything like this before; because we all had to think out of the box; because we chewed our way through this as a team – through the exhausting production days and work-intensive post-processing. 

The film is also a good example, by the way, for what can happen when the client has the guts to try something completely new for a change, creates the best possible conditions for our team, and just trusts you absolutely in an extremely friendly and close cooperation. I hope we have done the trust they placed in us justice.