eCO2 - 2018

AVISTA OIL Belgium receives ecology quality labels

AVISTA OIL Belgium receives ecology quality labels for waste transport, storage and disposal for Luxembourg

For its sustainable use of used oil, AVISTA OIL's Belgian collector has been awarded the ecology quality label SuperDrecksKëscht® by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures of Luxembourg, represented by the Environment Agency, the Chamber of Crafts and the Chamber of Commerce.

A certification developed for the field of waste management by the State of Luxembourg. Its procurement orientation is in line with the strategy set out by the EU. It focuses on the waste hierarchy: the prevention of waste prior to the preparation of waste for re-use, which in turn is preceded by recycling and recovery, before considering waste disposal.

AVISTA OIL impressed the authorities in all of the requirements.

"With the award, which first came into being in 1996, AVISTA OIL is a living example of ecological innovation that usefully combines ecology and innovation in all aspects of used oils for both society and the future. We view the award as a validation of our ongoing commitment to innovative and cross-generational solutions," says Gilbert Maronier, Operations Manager of the Belgian collective. He says: "Our visionary disposal concept is a strong push in the right direction for the ecological handling of finite oil resources."

In partnership with AVISTA OIL, SuperDrecksKëscht is helping to recycle liquid waste in Luxembourg. This collaboration was and still is based on ensuring a harmony between economy and ecology.