AVISTA OIL and the reinvention of the wheel

AVISTA OIL and the reinvention of the wheel

Dear employees, 
dear friends of AVISTA OIL,

can the wheel, which is a part of means of transportation, clocks or machines, be reinvented?

We think so!

AVISTA OIL considers itself to be one of the pioneers of the invention of the sustainable wheel. Ever since the 60s, it has been an integral part of our business model and our communication model. Our sustainability cycle for base oil is circular, just like a wheel. Furthermore, we have set several new, sustainable, but also technological standards beyond this field. 
And we are proud of it.

Patented processes, a clear statement regarding the environment and new technologies directly at the workplace are only some of our accomplishments.

AVISTA OIL has often been a forerunner of innovation, since we do not follow the motto "we have always done it this way", but because we always think ahead and act innovatively. And we will always continue to do the same. We are always developing circularly and endlessly, just like a wheel - this is included in our business and work model as well.

Ever since I got to know of AVISTA OIL - and a lot of colleagues told me about the past - the company has been evolving. A standard set in this moment has already become passé in the next, owing to new laws, production systems, suppliers, customers, etc.

Even the process of internationalisation results in constant change.

How do we do this?

We are constantly changing, and we adapt ourselves to the permanent flux. We have always managed to successfully make progress. This applies in particular to us and our employees. Naturally, change is not always pleasant. We are all humans, and we humans like consistency. But we AVISTERIANS are also open to novelty, precisely because we do not know any different from the past. It has always been like this: If we want AVISTA OIL to continue to be part of the international competition, we must be ready for changes. We must be prepared to continually question ourselves and our company, be ready to modify our work processes, and be ready to embrace the new. That sounds like a lot of willingness and hard work - and it is so. But I am not scared, because we are AVISTA OIL.

The experiences of the past show us all that we have always succeeded in reinventing ourselves. To keep changing in innovative ways is part of our culture. We test the now so that we can enhance it tomorrow. And we will keep working on this even in the future, every moment of it.

Benedikt Fuhlrott