AVISTA lubricants - The campaign 10-2=1

AVISTA lubricants - The campaign 10-2=1

How does this equation add up? Is it possible to eliminate two brand names in the space of only ten months and to place new one in their stead, and to then still receive applause? Yes!

The decision was made at the end of 2018: AVISTA OIL will be bidding farewell to PENNASOL and MOTOR GOLD, which have ceased to fulfil the requirements of a modern, attractive brand filled with energy for a long time now. Two brands must be combined to make one new brand. What followed was ten months of hard work for the departments involved in the project.


Campaign kick-off for the new name and internal communication: "The new brand name for the lubricants will be AVISTA". AVISTA is deeply rooted in the company, its genesis and consequently with the founders and their original ideas, visions, values and philosophies. AVISTA stands for the future, something that looks into the future, a vista.


Agency work with a clear idea on the part of AVISTA OIL and differentiation in communication methods. 

Communication with the end customers: AVISTA takes a novel approach and stands out from the competition, since AVISTA is not garish, ostentatious, loud, lousy and sterile - as is common in the industry. AVISTA is innovative, agile, intelligent and passionate. An authentic communication is born. AVISTA gives everyone the sense of having made the best choice.

Communication with the dealers: Here, AVISTA retains what it always also was with PENNASOL and MOTOR GOLD - fair, transparent, honest, supportive and approachable. The lubricants of AVISTA use a precise, unique as well as structured design. Everything that a product does not require is excluded. The characteristics are standardised worldwide, thus making it easier for all customers to find their way around the complex world of lubricants.


Agreement regarding the final portfolio of AVISTA and coordination of the necessary tasks for successful completion. 
Internal sales presentation of the initial results with positive feedback. The work has now begun and every participant is aware of a tight schedule, which must be worked off pragmatically by putting in intensive work, overtime hours, fewer holidays and by manoeuvring narrow, short official channels. All wheels within the project and the involved departments are intertwined.


The new brand structure is defined. The six P's of application are determined: pace, pure, peak, path, pulse, peer, which reflect their various areas of application. 
In addition, the product portfolio is structured into the three qualities: Source, EVO, EVO PRIME. Packaging units are determined, label languages are defined and translated, design templates are created in the graphic mode. Everyone knows that 280 small packaging labels alone have to be created. And then, more than 250 pieces of the labels for the large containers.

May - August

Everyone works through their allotted tasks independently and also examines the possible simplification of processes right up to the digitisation of individual activities. Products are created, supplier talks are held, parts lists are created, OEM approvals are requested, catalogues are prepared, the website is created, programmed and filled with content, the advertising material, packaging material is gradually procured, labels for all products are prepared for the print shop, internal information campaigns are carried out, assistance is provided for sales, etc. And correction loops have been carried out again and again. 
External communication has been initiated - The dealers are involved in the project, they are informed and not left in the dark, suggestions are accepted.

September - October

AVISTA goes on a roadshow. Dubai, Moscow, Kotor, Dollbergen - Enthusiasm prevails over the fears. Short-term decision: AVISTA, together with the dealers, is introduced to its customers.

October 01, 2019


AVISTA is produced and is handed over to the Dealers.

All participants are in a sorry state, dark circles under their eyes, their private lives need to be built up from scratch... Wrong! 
Now - 3 months later - Successful market launch & Business as usual