Many dealers have already changed to AVISTA Lubes internationally


Conversion of AVISTA Lubes premium partners to the new corporate design is in full swing around the world


Various partners such as the Mima Group (Lebanon), Boniks (Belarus) and Stiring Trejd (North Macedonia) are adapting their branding to the AVISTA Lubes design


The modernization and change of the AVISTA Lubes premium partners‘ design is running at full blast internationally. Just over 80 % of the German AVISTA lubricant brand‘s export distribution centres are already presenting themselves in the new corporate design. Many partners have used the changeover to expand their sales activities in the AVISTA growth strategy and tap new markets. The Lebanese lubricant partner Mima Group has meanwhile managed to place AVISTA Lubes in Malaysia, thus expanding its own export business.

“The new design delivers an attractive platform for the clear and modern AVISTA Lubes product range. At the same time, the names and qualities of all the lubricant divisions are designed to enthuse our partners‘ customers for our brand“, explained marketing director Mario Majic on the occasion of an AVISTA customer conference held by the Stiring Trejd partner in North Macedonia. “Over 80 clients from all around the country were invited to the event. There was quite a run, with positive feedback throughout.“ 

The conversion of the partner companies to the new corporate design of AVISTA Lubes started just over six months ago. The top priority was a fast, direct, and simple product communication with customers. Previous experience had shown that the concept is accepted very well. The partners are additionally reporting that their customers perceive the redesign as modern and fresh in the oil business. Many partners that have already changed their design are delighted by its popularity. “The clients are highly satisfied and have no problems at all finding their way around the new world of AVISTA Lubes“, relates Riccardo Manes, sales manager of AVISTA OIL, from the dealer Boniks in Belarus.

“Most our premium partners are optimally positioned for continued growth with the AVISTA brand by now. With our new design, we are also underscoring this claim in visual terms“, emphasizes Mario Majic. “This resolve shows how great the trust in our brand is in the trade, and how high AVISTA‘s potentials are estimated internationally.“

The brand launch is a central part of the AVISTA growth strategy. The entire lubricant range has been analysed and adapted to the market‘s requirements. New products equipped with the latest and additional OEM approvals have been added to the portfolio. AVISTA is already preparing the next highlight of its product offensive at this very moment. The brand is set to introduce further products before the year is out.