As of 1st July, Sebastian Erlenkämper is to move into the Management of AVISTA OIL DE

Also already announced in the last eOILenspiegel, Sebastian Erlenkämper (43) has been active since 1st March this year at AVISTA OIL DE as the Head of Technology, and is now to take over Management of the German refinery location as of 1st July, together with Dr. Detlev Bruhnke.

After 100 days at AVISTA OIL, you can find out more about Mr Erlenkämper’s objectives, impressions and experiences in a personal statement in the eOILenspiegel:

“During my first weeks at AVISTA OIL DE, I was able to integrate myself in far more areas than had originally been planned. Due to the complexity of the value added chain of the company, my tasks rose far over and above the initial area assignment.  

It was important to me that I was able to take a very detailed look at the individual departments and production stages – in particular in the plant area – so that I could experience daily business at close quarters. In this way, I spent a certain amount of time in a boiler suit, and was repeatedly able to determine in dialogues that the employees identify strongly with the company, and want AVISTA OIL to do well. Because in my opinion safety is always the highest priority, you will see me regularly on-site and in suitable personal protective equipment! 

In order also to let impressions flow from the bottom up into future strategies, it was essential for me that everything was explained to me, so that decisions made in the future can rest as often as possible on a previously-prepared analysis: as the saying goes: You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be!

In my previous time at AVISTA OIL, I have already learned a lot which I would like to realise in my objectives based on the company strategy and its four pillars. For me, the focus will be on the efficiency and the maintenance of the company principles. This includes the fact that I will work together with all my colleagues on continuous improvement. We want to approach matters even more systematically; to learn from our errors and to change these in a positive way. In addition to the growth strategy, of course, I would like to get more out of the existing system!