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After fire: re-refinery in Denmark is being rebuilt

After fire: re-refinery in Denmark is being rebuilt

Europe's most modern re-refinery is being built in Denmark

Less than a year after the fire on the property of AVISTA OIL Denmark, construction of a new re-refinery is underway. The company is rebuilding its re-refinery. The joint venture between AVISTA OIL AG and Greenbottle Ltd, United Kingdom, will accelerate plant construction. As already reported (AVISTA OIL AG und Greenbottle Ltd announce international refinery joint venture). The new plant will be upgraded with a capacity increase of 45,000 tons/year to 100,000 tons/year.

The fire in the re-refinery in Denmark was one of the biggest fires in the history of AVISTA OIL: on July 24, 2017, the plant went up in flames, smoke was visible far and wide. Large-scale deployment of the Danish fire department became necessary. Nobody was injured by the fire, but individuals received treatment for shock from disaster counsellors. It was of course necessary to halt refinery operations.

"We, the management of AVISTA OIL AG, would like to once again publicly thank all the firefighters and other helpers and the staff who have supported us through these events, which were also shocking for us, and who helped avert even greater damage," said Marc Verfürth, Chairman of the Executive Board AVISTA OIL to the editor of Oilenspiegel. "I would also like to pass that on behalf of our Supervisory Board."

Used oils, which are still collected in Denmark, can be processed by the German subsidiary. "Due to the excellent infrastructure within the company, it was not necessary to cease our own collection in Denmark, says Leon Skovbo, Managing Director of AVISTA OIL Denmark. "We use the used oils to increase the supply of raw materials to the refinery in Germany."

Only a few months ago, the plant was in ruins, since then the area has been turned into a construction site and the clean-up work is close to completion. Now begins the planning for the new plant. The systems being installed will once again represent a next stage in the development of AVISTA’s proven process, which will also incorporate the latest findings from operation of the US facility. The technology transfer will be overseen by the engineering team of AVISTA OIL Germany under the direction of project engineer Silvia Börschel, who will closely supervise the entire construction in all phases of the project. All engineering is being performed by the Danish company Process Engineering A/S. Construction is scheduled to start in October 2018. Commissioning is planned for the end of 2019.

According to Leon Skovbo, the new facility will be the most modern re-refinery in Europe.