A different way of internal tank cleaning - sustainable

A different way of internal tank cleaning - sustainable

AVISTA OIL has set up Tankreinigung Dollbergen directly next to its site in cooperation with two logistics service providers

Tankreinigung Dollbergen (TRD) has been set up by AVISTA OIL Germany directly next to its refinery site in Dollbergen in equal cooperation with two logistics service providers. 20 to 30 tanker trailers are now internally cleaned here every day in order to be able to be refilled with mineral oil products. "We wanted to create sustainable added value - for the drivers, our logistics partners and for the product quality. And we have come up with a concept, which entails only advantages, satisfies all requirements of the parties involved and meets all demands", says Manfred Himmelbach, CEO of TRD and Head of Group Logistics at AVISTA OIL

A concept, which results in the fulfilment of economic, social and ecological goals. Thanks to the new system, tank truck drivers can now clean their tanks directly on site and need no longer drive to the cleaning systems, which are about 50 km away.

In addition to reducing empty trips, this also reduces the transit traffic and the accompanying emissions and noise pollution in the neighbouring towns by 40 per cent. For this effort, AVISTA OIL was awarded the 2nd place in the Responsible Care competition of the Chemical Industry Association, State Association North (VCI Nord). The company won over the jury with its resource-saving cleaning and supply chain: Residues of used oils are collected and brought to the refinery for processing. The water for cleaning is heated with a heating oil that AVISTA OIL produces from used oil. All waste water is treated and supplied to the municipal sewage treatment plant.

But it is not just the reduced traffic and the cleaning process itself that is part of the sustainable approach: A parking space that is made available on the site free of charge to the logistics partners for seven days a week 24 hours a day not only ensures vehicle protection but also driver protection. There is also access to showers and toilets. During the office hours from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., they also have access to a common room equipped with a hot beverage machine.

The internal tank cleaning service is not only offered to the freight forwarders of the refinery from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., but external freight forwarders can avail of this service as well. For this purpose, you can call us on +49 5177 5062670 for an informal telephonic registration or email us at tankreinigung@trd.gmbh