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360° film of the AVISTA trainees

360° film of the AVISTA trainees

Make new from old, as the saying goes - but can this also be done with oil? In a 360° video, the trainees from AVISTA OIL DE explain how the complex process of used oil processing is managed. Substantial heights are reached in the process!

The main actor, Tim Noske, is already an experienced amateur actor and is currently completing a traineeship as Chemical Technician at AVISTA OIL DE. The film team required eight hours to film the 2:15 minute 360° VR film. This was filmed on the occasion of the Idea Expo in cooperation with Chemie Nord on the refinery site. Beginning at dizzying heights with the so-called Scheibel column of the Erweiterten Selektiv-Raffination (Extended Selective Refining unit), Tim Noske explains the technical process and his own role in it. Subsequently, he provides an insight into the process control room, from where the large-scale plants can be computer controlled. In conclusion, scenes are shown from the area of the blending and filling systems in which our fabricated lubricants are filled into canisters and drums. 

The film is of interest to young people who are still searching for vocational training and are interested in chemistry, and for teachers who wish to mediate the vocation of Chemical Technician to pupils during their career choice phase. “The training occupation of chemical technician is often confused with that of the chemical laboratory assistant,” says Tim Noske. “Therefore, I can only recommend that you take a quick look at this film!”

By moving the mouse, the viewer can experience a unique tour of the refinery and see all the large-scale plants of the AVISTA OIL chemical business.  

Of course, you can also subscribe to the AVISTA OIL channel on Youtube or Vimeo to remain up to date regarding AVISTA OIL.



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